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ADSL2 offers a variety of configuration profiles that allow for changes to the speed and settings of the circuit. The default configuration is Annex A, which provides a maximum speed of 24Mbps download, and 1.4Mbps upload. (We market these speeds at 20Mbps and 1Mbps, as full ADSL2+ speed is rare, limited to very short loops.) Annex M changes the allocation of spectrum, allowing a maximum 3.3Mbps upload speed.

Annex M comes at a cost of reduction in actual download speed for most customer locations, so while you may gain a megabit or so in upload speed, the trade-off in reduction of download speed may be significant. Consider your own bandwidth needs and make a selection based upon your preferences.

For more details on Annex M, see Wikipedia.

The choice of Annex A or Annex M profile is available to Fusion customers at no additional charge.

You will need to configure your ADSL2 modem to allow an Annex M connection if it is not already set to do so. support may be able to make this setting for you, or assist you. Call 611 from your Fusion line for assistance, or 707-547-3400 for any other phone.