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What is a FAQ list?

A FAQ list is a resource of the most Frequently Asked Questions on a particular subject. This list is for members and it is complied from questions asked by members and answered by our staff and other members. If you don't see a question on this list that you would like answered, or you think that there should be a question added to this list, please mail

For most topics, the FAQ resources will give brief looks at the problems, with references to more in-depth coverage of the matter. Some topics, such as file permissions, cannot be done justice in a brief format, and as such have more comprehensive FAQs.

Where else can I get help?

You're already in the right direction! The SonicWiki maintains a number of setup and configuration walkthroughs and screenshots for Windows and for Macintosh.

A variety of other resources can be found at our support page. You can also contact technical support via email or phone. You can find a suitable technical support phone number using our Focal Finder.