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Sonic believes in keeping our customers informed about the health of our network. For information about the current status of's servers and connectivity, please see our MOTD and Network Stats and Troubleshooting Tools.

Telephone Support

Telephone support is only for connection issues and common browser and email client configuration.

Telephone Tech Support (707) 547-3400 7am to 11pm Monday through Friday, 8am to 10pm Saturday and Sunday, excluding major holidays. Click here to find Tech Support numbers outside of the Santa Rosa area!

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) Lists

We have several Frequently Asked Question or FAQ lists available online for your perusal, fully searchable and sorted by subject. The FAQs contain information and links to other sources of information that might otherwise take much more time to find.

Go to Frequently Asked Questions

Email Support

For issues directly relating to your account you can send Email to our staff. Staff read this Email during work hours, so if you have a question on the weekend, you should post to the newsgroup unless it can wait. Sample issues you could mail support for include: billing, server issues, aliases and other system information that needs to be handled by an administrator.

Please be sure to check the FAQs and Newsgroups for answers before sending Email to support. Depending on the nature of your question, it may take some time for your support Email to be answered, but you get a ticket number to help you and us keep track of your request.