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Contact Information

See http://sonic.net/support

Local Dialup Numbers

See http://www.sonic.net/popf2

Domain Name Server Settings

Recursive DNS Servers

Also See DNSSEC and the List of recursive DNS servers These servers enforce DNSSEC and include selective filtering of domains believed to be involved in malware distribution and botnet C&C.

  • Primary DNS
  • Secondary DNS

Authoritative DNS Servers

  • a.auth-ns.sonic.net (California)
  • b.auth-ns.sonic.net (Texas)
  • c.auth-ns.sonic.net (New York)

Mail Server Names and Ports

  • Webmail: http://webmail.sonic.net
  • Legacy Webmail: http://legacy-webmail.sonic.net
  • IMAP Server: imap.sonic.net
    • Port 143 IMAP (STARTTLS)
    • Port 993 IMAPS (SSL)
  • POP3 Server: pop.sonic.net
    • Port 110 POP3 (STARTTLS)
    • Port 995 POP3S (SSL)
  • SMTP Server: mail.sonic.net
    • Port 587 Recommended (STARTTLS)
    • Port 465 (SSL)
    • Port 2525 (Alternate, STARTTLS)
    • Port 2526 (Alternate, SSL)
    • Port 25

Miscellaneous Services

Network Time Service

  • lantime.sonic.net Stratum 1 GPS/PPS