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Blacklisting is a useful tool in lowering the amounts of spam you are getting. You can get to blacklists by logging in to your Sonic mailbox at Navigate to E-mail > Spam Filtering > Whitelists/Blacklists. A detailed description of how our spam filtering works and how blacklisting plays it's part can be found in our SpamAssassin article. Whitelisting goes hand and hand with blacklisting and does the opposite - blocking specific messages as spam.


Blacklist Address

Blacklisting an e-mail address will help ensure that it doesn't reach your inbox. You can enter a full e-mail address, or use the * symbol to represent a wildcard.

Blacklist From | This will only block e-mails from
Blacklist From * | This blacklist will block from all e-mail addresses at

By using the drop down at the top of the page and selecting Unblacklist From, you can make exceptions to wildcards. For example, if you get a lot of spam from, but want to make sure that mail from doesn't get tagged as spam:

Blacklist From * | Setting the rule to blacklist everything from
Unblacklist From | Adding the exception for

If you blacklist an address and e-mails continue to show up from the sender, double check spelling and make sure there isn't a contradicting Whitelist entry. Conflicting entries will cancel each other out and process e-mail as if there were no entries.

Blacklist Subject

Blacklist Subject works very similar to Blacklist Address, except it focuses on the subject line of the e-mail instead of the sender's address. The drop down will have the option to Unblacklist Subject.

Blacklist Subject spam | This will block every e-mail with spam in the subject line.
Unblacklist Subject spamfriend | This will make an exception to the above rule if spamfriend is found in the subject.

It is important to note that the more specific the blacklist entry, the less likely you are to blacklist legitimate e-mails.

Example e-mail subject: Free Lasik Surgery
Don't: Blacklist Subject free | While this will blacklist the above subject, it will also blacklist any e-mail that has free anywhere in the subject line.
Do: Blacklist Subject lasik | This blacklist entry is more specific and will catch a more refined group of e-mails.

More Lists

Blacklist To checks the To: field in the e-mail. This is useful if you have multiple e-mail addresses pointing to one e-mail box.