Briteport 8120 PPPoE

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The BritePort 8120 is typically configured as a NAT router with PPPoE enabled. It is necessary to disable PPPoE to make these devices work properly with Fusion or ADSL1 connections.

  1. Open in the web browser of your choice. The BritePort 8120 home page will be displayed.
  2. Select the "Wizard Setup."
  3. Select "My ISP assigns an address automatically," click the button labeled "Next."
  4. Go to "Maintenance", Select "Save Configuration" then Click on the "Save" button to commit the changes. The "Saving Configuration Settings is completed" message will be displayed upon successful completion.
  5. To restart your BritePort 8120, go to "Maintenance", Select "Reset Router" then Click on "Restart" button (do not check the "Reset to factory default settings" box).