Connection Troubleshooting for Fusion DSL

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Whether you have no internet, intermittent/ spotty internet, or your internet is slow at certain times, we can help you fix it, we can help you fix it! This page will help guide you to determine what type of issue you might have and point you to the correct guide to troubleshoot the problem on your own. If you'd like us to lend a hand at any point, please feel free to give Tech Support a shout! Check out our contact information at We're local (Santa Rosa-based), friendly geeks who love to help.

Check for outages in your area

At Sonic, we are as open as possible about network outages in your area. Major outages are always posted at . You can receive updates on outages by following @sonic_status on Twitter. If your internet's down, check our outage page to see if it's everyone or just you. When an outage is cleared, we will update the page and send another tweet with a status update.

Connection Troubleshooting for Fusion DSL

When troubleshooting internet issues, we first try to categorize the issue by answering at least one of the following questions. We'll guide you through how to answer each question easily in the sections below. If your answer to any of these questions is negative, we've identified the type of issue you have, and we'll put you on the road to fixing it!

  • Do I have a DSL signal? No DSL signal is called a No Sync Issue.
  • If I have a DSL signal, do I have any internet connectivity at all? If you have a good internet signal, but cannot connect to the internet, this is called Sync-No-Surf.
  • If my internet connection drops out, do I keep my DSL signal when this happens? An internet signal that cuts in an out is called Intermittent Sync.
  • If I'm not losing DSL signal, are my speeds as expected? If your internet never cuts out, but you're not happy with the speeds you're getting, we refer to this as a Performance Issue.

Do I have any DSL signal?

"Sync" means a physical connection between your modem and the Sonic equipment in the Central Office. The easiest way to check for sync is to look on your modem for an indication of what the Broadband light is doing. A solid green broadband light indicates a solid connection. A blinking light indicates no sync.

If the Broadband light on your modem is blinking, please check out our No Sync Troubleshooting section.

Do I have DSL signal but no internet?

"No Surf" is our shorthand for when there's a good physical connection, but you still can't get online. In Sync-No-Surf cases, if you look at the LEDs on your Sonic modem, you'll see a solid green Broadband light but a red Service light.

If the Service light is red, please check out our Sync-No-Surf Troubleshooting section.

Is my DSL signal dropping?

"Intermittent Sync" means your physical connection to the Central Office is dropping out. This can often be more aggravating than having no internet at all! If you're frequently losing your ability to get to websites, the next time it happens, watch what the Broadband LED does on your modem.

If the Broadband LED begins to flash when you lose internet access, and you regain the ability to get online after the light goes solid again, check out our Troubleshooting Intermittent Sync guide.

Do I have a solid DSL signal but slow speeds for other reasons?

Performance issues can be slow speeds, "packet loss", or even connection drops. If the Broadband and Service lights stay on even when you have trouble, please take a look at our Troubleshooting DSL Performance Issues.