D-Link DSL-2640B

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The D-Link DSL-2640B is typically configured as a NAT router with PPPoE enabled. It is necessary to disable PPPoE for these devices to work properly with Sonic.net Fusion and ADSL1 connections.

1. Log into the DSL-2640B web interface by browsing to in your web browser. You may be asked for a username/password to log in. If the default username/password has not already been changed you can log in with username of 'admin' and a password of 'admin'.
2. You should be on the Home/Wizard screen. Uncheck the DSL Auto-connect box. Enter the following settings:
VPI: 0
VCI: 35
Then click Next.
3. You should now be on the Connection Type page. Select MAC Encapsulated Routing for default NAT mode or Bridging to use it as a bridge. Encapsulation should be set to LLC/Snap-Bridging. Click Next.
4. You should now be on the Network Address Translation Settings page. The default options (Enable NAT, Enable Firewall, Enable WAN Service) should work fine. Click Next.
5. You will then be on the Device Setup screen. The default settings should be fine, so click on Next. You will then be taken to the wireless page. If you want to use wireless, make sure the box is checked. You can change the wireless SSID here as well. Click Next.
6. You will then be taken to the Setup Summary page. Click the Save/Reboot button. The DSL-2640B will restart, at which point you should have Internet connectivity. If you will be using wireless you may want to go into the wireless settings of the router to configure the encryption settings.