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Accelerator Screenshots (Macintosh)

This document is intended to provide a reference point for how the Sonic.net Accelerator's options should appear on Macintosh systems.

Getting to the Accelerator preferences

To access the Sonic.net Accelerator options, locate the Accelerator icon in your menu. This is typically at the upper-right corner of your monitor, near the clock. Here you can directly toggle some of the Accelerator's several options. To view the preferences in-depth, select "Accelerator Preferences."

Accessing options through the menubar


The Acceleration tab allows you to specify how aggressively the Sonic.net Accelerator will speed up your connection. Some reduction in the quality of images will result from any setting above "low." Here you can also instruct the Accelerator to block banner ads and other in-page advertisements.

Acceleration options


The Setup tab allows you to set your username and password, run diagnostics on your connection, and configure how much disk space the Accelerator will use to store temporary files.

Setup options

Set User Name and Password

To set your username and password for the Accelerator, go to the [#getto Accelerator preferences], select the [#setup Setup] tab, and click the button labeled "Set User Name and Password." When setting your User Name and Password for the Sonic.net Accelerator, remember to use your Sonic.net dial-up account's name, in all lowercase. Mailbox-only accounts cannot authenticate with the Accelerator.

Login prompt


To ensure that your connection is working properly, and the Accelerator is functioning optimally, it can be useful to run the Accelerator Diagnostics. If you are having problems with the Accelerator, it may be useful to copy the results of the diagnostics test and paste them into an email to support@sonic.net so we can provide further assistance.

Connection diagnostics