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Domain name forwarding lets you automatically direct your domain name's visitors to a different website, or to a name-based hosting service. An advantage (or disadvantage) is that the location in the browser will also be updated to the forwarding destination.

Set up Domain Forwarding

You will need:

  • A domain name for which is the authoritative dns provider - if it's registered with a provider other than, you will need to follow these instructions to allow to provide DNS, and Domain Forwarding, service for that domain.
  • A destination URL (http or https) to redirect to

To set up domain forwarding:

  • Navigate to Change Hosting Type in the Member Tools (Member Tools -> Web Sites / Domain Names -> Hosting -> Change Hosting Type)
  • Choose DNS Only
  • Check Add a redirect
  • Type in the address you would like to forward your domain to
  • Click Change Hosting Type to submit

Please note that while the destination can be a https:// URL, https:// will not be available for the redirected domain.