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Email Forwarding

Email forwarding can be setup via Member Tools. You can add as many mail forwards as you want to a single mailbox.

Please be very careful about forwarding emails to another provider. As is also stated on our forwarding page in Member Tools, there are many problems with forwarding messages to other providers. If you really need to get the messages with another provider, then it is recommended that you use POP features available from most large providers like Gmail, Yahoo, and Hotmail.

Enabling Email Forwarding

  • Navigate to 'Email' then select 'Forwarding & Autoresponse' and then choose 'Email Forwarding'


  • To start forwarding your emails, enter in the email address you want your account to forward to and then click 'Add'


Modifying Forwarding Settings

Once a mail forward is in place you can change some settings. You have the option to keep a copy of the forwarded message in your inbox, or you can simply have the message deleted once it has been forwarded. Please be aware that if you keep the messages in your inbox, then it does count against your disk quota, so make sure to check and clear it out every so often. You can also remove any mail forwards you have in place.