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A Sonic email account (or email address) resides under a main account that has internet, hosting, or business services. When you sign up, the main account provides you at least 1 email account. An add-on E-mail account will provide you with 4 additional mailboxes (we sell them in blocks of 4), which are used as a storage place for email as it arrives at Sonic's mail servers. With your Sonic Internet + Phone service, you can receive up to 15 email accounts for free.

How to Add an Email Account

You can use the Manage Mailboxes Member Tool to add email addresses, remove them, and to change passwords.

  • Login to Member Tools
  • Navigate to 'Email' and then 'Manage Mailboxes'


  • Enter the username you want for the new mailbox and then click continue.


  • You will see a page confirming the username you just entered, simply click continue if what you entered is correct. If the username you requested is already in use, then you will get a warning stating as such and you will need to navigate back to the Manage Mailboxes page and enter a new username.
  • Once you have selected an available username you will be asked to enter a password for that mailbox. Enter the password in both required boxes. You will need to make sure your password meets the minimum requirements in order to move on. Once you have a password entered click continue to finish adding your mailbox.


Manage Your Mailboxes

Once you have created a mailbox you can manage it from the Manage Mailboxes area. Simply click the radio button next to the mailbox you want to manage and then click continue. MTManageMailbox2.png

There are 2 options for managing your mailbox: changing the password or removing it. Both a relatively straightforward in use. Please be aware that removing a mailbox results in the loss of any emails that are currently in that mailbox.


Additional Information

Each mailbox has a limit 1.25 GB of email storage.

Spam is not allowed on Sonic; all email use is subject to our Policy

Forwarding email

You can setup email forwarding for your Sonic email. For more information check out our Email Forward page.

Email Auto Response

You can also setup auto response for your Sonic email. To learn how to do that please check out the Email Auto Response page.