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Please note that this tool is part of our Labs and our technical support department cannot provide assistance with it. Labs services are supported through our public forum at forums.sonic.net.

Sonic.net's FaxLine service is a fax-to-email service that provides our customers with a dedicated fax number which will deliver incoming faxes as PDF's to a provided list of recipients.

All Sonic.net internet access account holders including Dialup, DSL, Fusion and Business customers, can add one FaxLine at https://members.sonic.net/fax_rx for free. Additional lines can be purchased for $4.95/mo.

Is there a log of faxes that I've received?

Yes, just click on the 'Fax History' link at the bottom of the FaxLine Membertool. You'll see a complete history of all faxes you've received.

How many faxes or pages I can receive?

We're not sure yet but we'll let you know if we think your usage is a problem.