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This document is designed to show screen captures for, and explain some of the basics of, the FTP program Fetch 5. The screen captures were taken with OS 10.3, but they shouldn't be significantly different than OS 10.4

Creating a new connection

When Fetch 5 opens for the first time, there is will be a New Connection window. Fill out the Hostname, Username, and Password fields. You may wish to click the checkbox next to "Add to keychain" so your password can be remembered for future connections. Next, click the small downward-facing arrow on the left-hand side of the window to expand the options for your new Fetch connection.

New Fetch Connection

Adding a path to your new connection

Now that the options for the connection have been expanded, enter the path that you wish to use. If nothing is entered here, your connection will default to your Sonic.net home directory (/home/u/username). The path for the Sonic.net web directory is shown in this screen capture.

Connection with path


In the Connection window, click the Connect button. If all goes well, you should be presented with the main Fetch interface screen. At the top, you should see the Host Name and Folder that you are connected to. In this case, the Host is ftp.sonic.net and the Folder is username.

Connected - Main Fetch Screen

Changing folders once connected

To change your folder once you are connected, first click the Go menu and choose Go to folder...

Go > Go to folder

In the Go to folder that pops up, enter the full path of the Folder that you wish to access. In this case, it is the home directory of /home/WWW_pages/username.

Go to folder

That's it for the basics. There are more support resources available at the Fetch Website