Fusion IPBB Troubleshooting

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Fusion IPBB utilizes the U-verse infrastructure and modem.

Fusion IPBB (IP Broadband), is a service introduced in 2015. Fusion IPBB is a service we deliver using the AT&T U-verse infrastructure. It utilizes fiber cable from the CO to a junction box. From there, it is either copper lines or more fiber cabling to the home. It uses a digital signal as opposed to an analog signal, and comes with a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) service. This is delivered through the Sonic Analog Telephone Adapter (ATA).

Common Issues

Connectivity and Performance

When your connection is down and unusable we refer to it as "No connectivity". However, "Intermittent connectivity" describes a situation in which your Internet connection is usually active but periodically or consistently disconnects.

Sometimes, your connection is established but is performing poorly. Symptoms manifest in slow speed, web-site inconsistently loading or streaming media buffering periodically.

If you are experiencing issues such as these, the following tips may be useful to you!

Restart Your Device

Often times simply restarting your computer, tablet or smartphone can restore your ability to surf the Internet. This is absolutely the first step you should take!

Check Wires and Cables

All wiring and cabling should be secured. Over time your wires and cables can become loose and even dislodged. You would be surprised how often a wire becomes inadvertently disconnected due to pets, children and house cleaning!

Check for Bandwidth Saturation

Heavy downloading or uploading will cause noticeable performance issues dependent on the amount of available bandwidth being utilized. Please see our bandwidth saturation article for more information.

Connect to the Residential Gateway

Many people use a router in addition to the provided Residential Gateway. If you are in this situation, please connect your device to our Residential Gateway instead of your router. This step helps determine if the router is at fault. Sometimes bypassing a router will reveal that the issue is no longer persisting. At which point, it can be determined that the equipment is faulty rather than service being down.

Test Multiple Devices

Sometimes a faulty device (ex. laptop, tablet or smartphone) can give users the impression that the Internet service is down. A great way to test this is to use other devices to see if the behavior persists. If other devices work as intended, it may be worth looking into why a specific device isn't connecting.

Restart the Modem

Simply unplug the power from the modem. After 10-15 seconds plug the power back in. Modems are like any other electronic device; from time to time they want to be restarted. If a Residential Gateway hasn't been restarted in awhile it can result in some strange and varying behavior. It is important to refresh the Router Gateway from time to time as it is often the quickest way to resolve a given issue.

Factory Reset

Hold the reset button or pinhole for 10-15 seconds then release! Factory resetting a device operates in many ways like Restarting a device. However, it also brings your device to factory default settings. This tends to be a last resort, as it will remove any custom settings that was changed to the Residential Gateway.

IPBB Voice

If you are experiencing issues such as no dial tone, can't call out or can't receive calls unplug the power from your Analog Telephone Adapter. After 10-15 seconds, please plug the power back in. You will also want to ensure that the internet connection is working properly and that all cables are plugged in and secure. Give it 5-10 minutes to restart and in most cases your issue should be resolved. If you are still experiencing issues, please contact Support.

IPBB and WiFi Troubles

Below are a list of helpful tips when troubleshooting IPBB Wireless issues. For general WiFi troubleshooting please check out Wi-Fi Troubleshooting.

  • See if it is occurring over multiple devices
  • Restart the modem
  • Change the WiFi Channel
  • Ensure WiFi drivers on your devices are up to date