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Sonic now supports IPv6 via 6in4 tunneling and by 6RD. The following documentation is for help configuring your IPv6 Service when opting into the Sonic 6RD service.

Fusion IPv6 Tool Minimum Requirements:

In order to use the Fusion IPv6 Tool successfully you must meet the following minimum requirements:

  • For the Pace 4111N, you will need the firmware version or later
  • For the Pace 5268AC, you will need the firmware version and using Fusion DSL.
  • The modem cannot be in bridged mode
  • The modem must have been in sync on your line for at least 24 hours.
  • A working residential Fusion connection (small business IPv6 via 6RD will supported in the future).
  • Your upload/download cannot be saturated during the time of activation.

If you meet the above listed requirements you can use the Sonic.net Member Tools to opt-in to the IPv6RD service.

6RD Without the Pace411N

If you have a different, IPv6RD capable device, you can configure it to use 6RD with the following settings:

  • 6RD prefix: 2602:240::/28
  • 6RD Endpoint:

How to Manually Disable 6RD on Pace411N

If you'd like to disable 6RD on your Pace 4111N and you do not have access to the Member Tool, you can do so via the following steps:

  • Directly connect to your Pace modem via Ethernet or Wifi.
  • Log into the Pace’s webadmin by surfing to either or gateway.sonic.net.
  • Navigate to Settings –> LAN –> IPv6 .
  • Disable IPv6 6RD by unchecking “IPv6 LAN Enabled” and “6RD Enabled”.
  • Save settings and enter your Pace’s default password found on the sticker attached to the bottom of the modem.


IPv6 6rd Troubleshooting

Below are some common errors you may encounter when using the Fusion IPv6 Tool and how to resolve them.

Unable to find an IPv6 Compatible Modem

Possible causes

  • Your Pace 4111N has not had connectivity for the past 24 hours on a IPv4 IP address.
  • Your Pace 4111N modem is using an older incompatible firmware version.
  • You do not have routing enabled on the Pace 4111N.
  • You are not using a Pace 4111N supplied by Sonic.


  • Powercycle your modem and try again.
  • Contact Support to request we upgrade your firmware to the latest version. Keep in mind you will momentarily lose connectivity while your 4111N reboots.
  • Your modem might be using proper firmware but has been bridged. The Pace modem must NOT be in bridge mode and must be bound to an IP in order to have IPv6 connectivity enabled.
  • You can opt-in to the modem rental program here.

Does Not Meet Minimum Requirements

Possible causes

  • Your Pace 4111N modem has been recognized using an incompatible firmware version.


  • Your modem may not have been available during our nightly firmware upgrade schedule. Please contact Support to request we upgrade your firmware to the latest version. Keep in mind you will momentarily lose connectivity while your 4111N reboots.

IPv6 not working on Bonded Modems

Possible causes

  • If you're attempting to use a bonded Pace 5168N modem on a single fusion line while attempting to enable IPv6.


  • IPv6 support has not yet been implemented on our Bonded 5168N Pace modems. If you are attempting to use a bonded modem with your single line fusion circuit and attempting to enable IPv6 then please contact Support so we may provide you with a with a non-bonded Pace 4111N modem for you to use.

Unable to Configure Modem

Possible causes

  • Your modem has the proper firmware but is not currently in sync.
  • Your modem has the proper firmware but download/upload is saturated.
  • The modem you are using is potentially defective.


  • Insure you currently have sync. If not please see Troubleshooting No Sync
  • Insure you are not download saturating or upload saturating your circuit when running the tool.
  • Powercycle your device and try again. If all the above steps still do not work please contact Support to troubleshoot and determine if your equipment might need to be replaced.