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Congratulations! You are set to get Sonic Fusion today (or in the near future!) This article will help you understand what to expect during setup and get you on your way to enjoying your new service!

The Drop

The first portion of your Fusion installation will be delivery of the “drop” which connects an individual phone/ data line to the phone box of your residence from the main line on the utility pole. This will typically be handled by an AT&T technician, anywhere from the start of the working day at 8am to 8pm at its close, although we typically express a preference for line delivery prior to 12pm on the day of. If the phone box for your residence is publicly accessible (i.e. not inside the home, behind a locked gate, or otherwise located in some area that a technician could not walk up to directly from the street) you will not have to be home for this portion of the installation and the tech will deliver the line and relay confirmation back to Sonic. Should the phone box be located somewhere that isn't readily accessible from the street either yourself, or someone else over the age of 18 should be home on this date to provide access to the phone box.

A standard phone box.

Cross Connections

Following delivery of the drop there is typically additional wiring (called a "cross connect") within the phone box that is required for a telephone jack within the home to get connected to the newly delivered line. The fastest way to confirm if this will be required is to check each of the jacks within the home for dial tone. If it is present at one or more proceed to connecting the modem to the jack, and if the modem syncs up your internet and phone service will be ready for use. If they don't this isn't cause for concern, simply give us a call at 707-547-3400 and our tech support team can help you get an appointment scheduled for a technician to come out and connect a jack for service. Additionally, if you would like to complete this final portion of wiring yourself check out our Cross Connect Guide and accompanying video for instructions on the process.


You should receive your Sonic Residential Gateway within a day of the Drop. If you receive it early, feel free to plug it in! (Note: If you are using another carrier that utilizes phone lines like AT&T, you may need to keep their modem plugged in until the day of the Drop.) To connect your RG, connect from your phone jack to the green port on the back of the RG with the green cable we provided. For instances where you would like to connect a phone to the same phone jack as the RG, we have provided a splitter to do so. Make sure that any other phones you have connected at other jacks are using the filters that came in the same box as your RG.

Fsigpaceback.png Fsigfiltersplitter.png
Connect the green phone cable from your phone jack

(or filter/splitter) to the green port of the Residential Gateway.

Top: Line Filter

Bottom: Line Splitter


Once the drop has been completed, you will get an e-mail from us letting you know! If you haven't already, go ahead and connect your RG. Give your RG about 5-10 minutes to boot up. You should have a solid green Power, Service and Broadband light (if you signed up for Fusion X2, both Broadband lights should be solid green). Now you should be up and running! If connecting via Ethernet, go ahead and connect your devices now if you have not already. Otherwise, you can connect through Wi-Fi. The name and password will be listed on the side of the RG.

If you are not able to establish a connection after setting up your equipment, check service at any other phone jacks you may have. With a landline phone, you can plug into each jack and quickly test for dial tone. If you only have the RG available, you can plug it into another jack to test. Be sure to wait up to 10 minutes for the RG to make a connection. For situations where you are unable to get dial tone or the RG to connect at any phone jack, it's time to reach out to Sonic Support so we can help.

Both Broadband 1 and Service lights should

be green when everything is working properly.


Run into trouble connecting through Wi-Fi? Check out our Wireless Setup Guide or video.