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All residential Sonic phone lines have unlimited nation-wide calling and to 70 countries worldwide. Global calling rates are the same for both business and residential lines. You can find all our international calling destinations here. Additional taxes and fees related to Fusion voice service are applied on a per line basis.

Standard Features


All Fusion Voice lines comes with Voicemail services free of charge. For more information see the Voicemail FAQ.

Caller ID With Names

Fusion comes with Caller ID, which is be used to display a caller's telephone number and or name on a called user's telephone. With Caller ID Blocking, you can prevent the display of your phone number (Note that some recipients block calls where there is no caller id). You can enable or disable caller id from the Voice settings in Member Tools, or by using the star codes *67 to enable or *82 to disable Caller Id Blocking.

Call Forwarding

Call forwarding is unconditional, and can be managed from the Voice settings in Member Tools or by using the star codes *72 to enable or *73 to disable Call Forwarding.

Call Waiting

Call Waiting enables you to suspend the current telephone call and switch to a new incoming call (typically, this is done by pushing the flash button), and you can then negotiate with the new or the current caller an appropriate time to ring back. Call Waiting can be enabled or disabled from the Voice settings in Member Tools

And More!

Fusion also comes with:

  • Call Hunting between the lines of a two-line Fusion circuit
  • 3 Way Calling

Phone Codes

  • 0 Operator assistance isn't available.
  • 211 2-1-1 provides free and confidential information and referral. Call 2-1-1 for help with food, housing, employment, health care, counseling and more. see 2-1-1
  • 311 Non Emergency Services (where available) see 3-1-1
  • 511 transportation and traffic information is also free of charge, provided by SF Bay Area 511.
  • 611 Sonic.net Customer Service and Fusion Self Service Tools see 6-1-1
  • 711 TTY relay service.
  • 811 Call Before you Dig hotline. See call811.com for details.
  • 911 Emergency Services
  • 933 Play address information provided to 911 Emergency Services

Star Codes

  • *67 Caller-ID blocking. Dial this code before your outbound call to disable caller ID for the next call. Please note that there will not be a dial tone after dialing *67; simply continue dialing. You can permanently block Caller-ID, see Voice Options for more information.
  • *69 Last Call Return. Will immediately dial back the last inbound caller if possible.
  • *72 Call-Forwarding, see Call Forwarding for more information.
  • *73 Disable Call-Forwarding.
  • *77 Enable Anonymous call rejection
  • *82 Disable Caller-ID Blocking. Will unblock outbound Caller-ID on your next call if it is blocked by default. Please note that there will not be a dial tone after dialing *82; simply continue dialing.
  • *88 Disable Anonymous call rejection
  • *99 accesses voicemail from your phone.
  • *272 turns on a high-pitched (1004 Hz) tone on your line.
  • *273 plays a read-back of your caller-ID information.

Global Calling

  • Please note: some international destinations dialed as +1-xxx-xxx-xxxx are available even when international calling is disabled, see International calling rates
  • Calls to Canada can be placed directly. To dial Mexico, you must first dial 011.

Other Features

  • "10-10-321"-style toll dial-around is not supported.
  • Collect calls (aka "charge reversal") are not supported. As an alternative to collect calling, we recommend using a pre-paid phone card.
  • 976 or 900 toll calling is not supported.