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When a message is marked as spam, it is delivered to your graymail folder. This allows you to keep an eye on all e-mails that are coming in, while still being able to keep spam out of your inbox. Graymail can be accessed by logging into and by navigating to Email > Graymail (Trapped Spam). You can modify graymail settings in Email > Spam Filtering > General Configuration. SpamAssassin, Whitelisting and Blacklisting are all tools that help determine what e-mails get put into graymail. If you have any additional questions that are not answered by this article, check out our Graymail FAQ


Graymail (Trapped Spam)

Your graymail box will look a lot like a traditional webmail client. You'll see the subject, the sender, the date, the SpamAssassin score and the size of the e-mail. Clicking an e-mail will open a preview so that you can see the content of the message. You will also see three symbols to the right of the e-mail list that delete the message from graymail, deliver the message to your inbox or deliver the message to your inbox and Whitelist the sender. There are also buttons at the top and bottom to mark all e-mails as any of the three. When your selection is complete, hit Submit.


General Configuration

The graymail section under General Configuration has five quick settings that can be changed for your graymail.

  1. The first option determines whether messages marked as spam are sent to graymail (default) or directly to your inbox.
  2. The second option allows the option to discard any e-mails that hit the e-mail's Blacklist. The default behavior is that blacklisted items get +100 to their score and will show up in graymail.
  3. By default, if there are any graymail messages on your account, you will get a nightly report. This can be disabled so that you are not notified of graymail messages.
  4. You can change whether the graymail notifications are HTML or plain-text. They are HTML by default.
  5. This setting allows you to determine when graymail messages are deleted. The default is after 7 days or after there are 1,000 messages. You can adjust this to be anywhere from 1-14 days and 25-2,000 messages.

Don't forget to save any pending changes before leaving the page. If needed, there is also a button to restore all settings to their defaults.

More Information

See our Graymail FAQ for more information!