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What is GrayMail?

GrayMail is a tool which intercepts all mail SpamAssassin marks as SPAM before it is delivered to your inbox. All mail caught by Graymail is stored on our server for 7 days, during which time you can review them at Graymail sends a nightly report of all messages it has intercepted to your inbox. If you see that a message has been improperly intercepted, you can use our convenient web interface to whitelist the sender and deliver the captured message to your inbox.

How do I use the Graymail web interface?

Once a message ends up in graymail there a few things that you can do with the message. First you must log into graymail. This can be reached at Once logged in, there is a legend at the top indicating three icons. These icons can be found at the end of graymail listing with radial buttons beneath, to choose the option for the message in question.

graymail trashcan This allows you to, "Delete a message from the gray mail folder. Messages are automatically deleted after 7 days."

graymail mailbox This allows you to, "Deliver a message to your mailbox. You will need to check your email from your mail

client in order to receive this message."

graymail whitelist This allows you to, "Whitelist and deliver a message to your mailbox. Use this option for messages which are not spam." Once you have selected an option for a message you will want to hit the submit button at the bottom of the page. Please note that the messages will not automatically show up in your mail client. The messages are moved back to the mail server and will be available to download the next time you check your mail. The whitelist option will add the sender's address to the spam assassin whitelist. The whitelist can be managed by using our spam configuration tools found at

Email in Graymail report does not show up in Graymail folder

There are a couple reasons that this may happen.

  • First, you want to make sure they are actually looking at the right mail account. Towards the top of the screen, there is a line that says 'Logged in as:' to prevent any confusion.
  • The message may not be listed because there are too many messages to fit on one screen. Often times if you have more than 10 messages in your Graymail folder, the messages will be split up over multiple pages to make them easier to manage. You can use the Navigation text below the messages to move between pages. You can also choose to display up to 100 messages on the page at a time. You can also sort messages by subject, sender, size, score, and date, by clicking on the column label at the top of the message list.

Email delivered from Graymail does not show up in inbox

We have yet to see a case where Graymail has deleted a message marked for delivery. In every case we have seen, the message either wasn't actually delivered due to the "submit" button not being hit, or it was filtered on the client side. If the message is no longer in Graymail, and you do not have any filters in your mail client, get as much information about the missing messages as you can ( subject, sender, date, SSN ), and send this information to as soon as possible.

Time delay in delivery to/from Graymail

Spam is delivered to the Graymail folder in the same amount of time a non-spam message would take to get to your normal mail. Depending on mail server delays, solar flares and the magnetic Doppler effect, a message may not appear instantly in the Graymail folder after being sent. However, if it shows up in the nightly report, it will be in Graymail unless you have deleted it since then. Delivery from Graymail to your normal mail should be immediate. It may be necessary to explicitly tell your mail program to check its mail again after clicking "submit" in Graymail.

How do I change Graymail's storage behavior?

In the spam filtering general configuration interface at, the section titled "Graymail Configuration" will allow you to turn Graymail on and off, select whether or not to receive a nightly notification of new emssages in Graymail, and to configure for how long and how many messages are kept for you.