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Sonic offers Hosting options for accounts with connectivity services. These range from free services (mini and personal hosting) up to paid services (value and basic). We also offer DNS and MX handling services.

Mini and Personal Hosting

Mini and Personal Hosting can be toggled on in Membertools by navigating to Web Sites / Domain Names -> Hosting -> Personal Web Hosting. With Mini Hosting, your web site will be available at Mini Hosting comes with no additional storage, transfer or mailboxes. So if you have a DSL account that entitles you to 250MB of storage, 1GB of transfer and 15 mailboxes, those resources will be shared between your Mini Hosting and other usage of your account. Personal Hosting comes with a brand new domain name, so you can have an official address. The new domain is free for the first year courtesy of Sonic, however the domain is $14.95 annually after the first year. The hosting is free as long as you continue to have an active Sonic account with connectivity services. If connectivity services are cancelled and you would like to keep Personal Hosting, you can do so for the price of $5.95 a month. Personal Hosting also comes with:

  • 2,500 Megabytes additional storage
  • 10 Gigabytes additional web transfer
  • 4 additional mailboxes

More information can be found in our Personal Hosting guide.

Value and Basic Hosting

Value and Basic Hosting require a registered domain name and are $9.95 and $19.95 a month respectively. Value Hosting comes with a whole host of features (pun intended):

  • 5,000 Megabytes of storage for your web page, email, and storage
  • 50 Gigabytes of file transit per month
  • 50 additional mailboxes
  • IMAP mail service
  • FTP access to keep your content up-to-date
  • CGI access for advanced web programming
  • Shell access
  • 5 MySQL Databases
  • DNS hosting included for one domain name
  • Comprehensive disk usage and bandwidth monitoring with Hedgehog

Basic Hosting includes all of the features of Value Hosting, plus:

  • 15,000 Megabytes of storage for your web page, email, and storage (10,000MB more than Value)
  • 150 Gigabytes of file transit per month (100GB more than Value)
  • 150 additional mailboxes (100 more than Value)
  • 15 MySQL Databases included (10 more than Value)
  • True IP Virtual Host for robust, IP-based hosting

Value and Basic Hosting can be activated in Membertools by navigating to Web Sites / Domain Names -> Hosting -> Add Hosting.

DNS and MX Handling

We also provide DNS-only services in Membertools in Web Sites / Domain Names -> Hosting -> Add Hosting. DNS-only service is $1.95 a month. For a redirect, you can fill in the HTTP address upon activating the DNS service. If you need to add a redirect afterwards, you can do so by going to Web Sites / Domain Names -> Hosting -> Change Hosting Type. You can then choose to modify the domain and change it to DNS with a redirect. If you would like to have Sonic only be responsible for MX Handling, we also offer this service for $1.95 a month. There is no way to activate this service online and requires a call in to Support. See also: Modify Authoritative Name Servers.