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What is my current tunnel end point?

Your tunnel end point is the IPv4 IP address you would like us to provide tunnel service to, probably your public facing IP address.

What is my Master DNS Server IP?

This is not required and is optional. Rather than delegating RDNS lookups to the IP we've set our servers up to operate as hidden masters for the routed blocks. Our DNS servers will attempt to transfer the zone from the provided (IPv4) DNS server.

Wait, how do I setup IPv6 reverse DNS on my tunnel?

Though we do not have configuration examples for all DNS software, you will need to enable transfers (AXFR) from and notifications (NOTIFY) to pdns-master.sonic.net (

Using bind, your zone config should look something like this, note that the leading 0 in zones should be dropped:

zone "4.e."
        type master;
        file "master/2001:05a8:0004:5e4.db";
        allow-transfer {; };
        also-notify {; };

And the zone itself should look something like this:

$TTL 3h
$ORIGIN 4.e.
@       IN SOA  kleio.microshaft.org kgc.mircoshaft.org.(
                2010121602      ; Serial
                10800           ; Refresh
                3600            ; Retry
                2419200         ; Expire
                604800 )        ; Default TTL

        NS      kleio.microshaft.org.       IN      PTR     kleio.microshaft.org.