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What is IRC?

IRC or Internet Relay Chat is a multi-user chat system, where people convene on "channels" (like a room, usually with a certain topic of conversation) to talk in groups, or privately.

I am confused about IRC, where can I find help?

Check out the Newsgroups:

An excellent primer on the many and varied uses of IRC is available at

Where do I get an IRC client?

Click on one of the following:

Can I access IRC through my shell account?

Yes. Login to your shell account and type in "irc". Connect to a server and off you go.

Where can I get a list of IRC servers?

A listing of popular IRC networks and servers is maintained at There is no central, authoritative index of all IRC servers.

Is there a way to chat on the WWW?

Yes, places to chat on the Web. Simply run a query on any major search engine for "web" and "chat" and you'll get plenty of options.

Can I run IRC Bots?

No. Accounts that run bots will be locked immediately.