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What is a mailing list?

A mailing list can be thought of simply as a single email address that delivers to a number of recipients. A mailing list can be configured to only allow a small number of people to send to it (this is useful for sending announcements to many recipients). It is also possible to allow every recipient to send to everybody on the list (this is useful for providing support for products and services and to allow people to discuss common interests.

How can I create a mailing list? uses the Mailman List Server software to allow customers to create and manage mailing lists. A web-based interface for creating and managing mailing lists can be found in our Member Tools section, or directly at To create a new list in this interface, click on the "create list" button, and you will be prompted to provide a name for your new list, as well as a password that will control administrative access to it.

How do I administer my list?

When you initially create your mailing list, you will be automatically redirected to your list's administrative interface. This allows you to configure the list to suit your needs right from the start. From time to time, it may be necessary to perform administrative tasks such as inviting new list recipients, removing old recipients, and other tasks affecting the behavior of your list. To access the administrative interface for's Mailman List Server, use the Create & Manage Mailing Lists link in our Member Tools or go directly to From here, you should be able to create new mailing lists, remove existing lists, or enter the Mailing List Administration interface.

How can I add recipients to my list?

When a new list is created, it has no recipients. From the mailing list administration interface, select "Membership Management" from the Configuration Categories. This will show you a list of existing members. Select "Mass Subscription" from the Configuration Categories, and this will prompt you to provide the email addresses you would like your list traffic to be delivered to. Note: Please follow all instructions in the Mass Subscriptions interface. Failure to do so may result in unexpected list behavior.

How can people subscribe themselves to my list?

New subscribers can add themselves to your mailing list through Mailman's web interface. The URL for this tool is

How can I remove recipients from my list?

From the mailing list administration interface, there are two ways to remove recipients. From the Membership List interface, you can simply mark the checkbox next to each address you would like to remove, then click the "submit" button below. For large lists, when the above method may be unwieldy, you can also use the "Mass Removals" tool and enter each address you would like to have removed, then click the "Submit Your Changes" button below.

How can recipients remove themselves from my list?

Each message sent by's Mailman List Server includes a link that allows a recipient to mangage his or her own account. The URL should appear as (where LISTNAME is the name of the mailing list). Any recipient can log into this interface and unsubscribe from any lists he or she is subscribed to.

Can I use my mailing list to send unsolicited bulk mail?

No.'s Mailman List Server software requires a confirmed opt-in. Before a recipient will receive mail from one of our mailing lists, a confirmation email is sent to make sure that the traffic is not unwelcome. If the recipient does not confirm his or her desire to receive your messages, Mailman will not send them. The Acceptable Use Policy applies to the use of mailing lists, and unsolicited bulk email will not be tolerated.