Modify Authoritative Name Servers

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The domain name servers are:


Domain Locked/Unlocked

If your domain is currently locked, it will need to be unlocked before you can modify it's authoritative name servers. Therefore, by simply clicking the "Unlock" button, your domain will become unlocked with the registrar, and ready to have modifications made to it. Additionally, in order to prevent unauthorized changes to your domain, it is recommended that when you are done modifying your domain, you re-lock your domain by clicking the "lock" button.

Current Name Servers

Underneath "Current Name Servers", will be a list of authoritative name servers, that are currently associated with your domain. You many remove one of the servers by un-checking the check-box next to the authoritative name server, you wish to remove from your domain. You must click the "Update name servers" button for these changes to be made active to your domain.

Add additional name servers

If you would like to add additional authoritative name servers to your domain, you may do so here. First, fill in the boxes next to "New name server", with the names of the authoritative name servers you wish to add. Finally, click on the "Update name servers" button. As a result, the new name servers will be added to your domain. On the other hand, if you wish to use's default name servers, all you need to do is click the "Use's default name servers" button.