Motorola 2247-62

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Connect to web interface

The Motorola 2247-62 ADSL/ADSL2 modem/routers shipped by act as NAT routers with DHCP by default. To access the internal web interface, take the following steps:

  • Connect the client computer directly to the 2247-62
  • Configure the client computer to use
    • IP:
    • Subnet Mask:
    • Gateway:

This can typically be accomplished by allowing the client computer to acquire its IP information via DHCP.

Set to bridged mode

  • Open the web browser of your preference and surf to
  • You will be prompted to set a new admin password.
  • After setting a new password, it will prompt you to type in the new password. The username will be admin. After logging in, it will automatically attempt to auto-sense the connection type. If it is hanging on this process, you can bypass it by passing the start button on the left hand side.
  • You should be directed to the main page. This will include information regarding your sync status, WAN-side IP address and gateway, speed, attenuation, and local router information.
  • For advanced changes such as disabling the NAT router capabilities of the 2247-62, you need to log into Expert Mode in the left-hand navigation section. You will be warned that changing your settings can cause the device to become unresponsive. You must confirm you intention to enter Expert Mode to continue.
  • To set the 2247-62 to behave purely as a bridge, select "Configure" and then "Connection" in the left-hand navigation. Change the Bridging pull-down menu to "Enabled" and click "Save Changes."
  • Other configuration possibilities for the Motorola 2247-62 are beyond the scope of this document.


Motorola 2247-62 LEDs and definitions


  • A flashing red DSL light indicates that the Motorola 2247-62 has attempted to synchronize three times and failed
  • An unlit DSL light indicates that no DSL signal was detected


  • Power indicates power
  • DSL indicates synchronization with the DSLAM
  • Ethernet indicates ethernet link
  • Internet indicates PPP connection


  • This documentation applies only to Motorola 2247-62 model ADSL modems. Those provided by other companies may behave differently.
  • Motorola 2247-62 ADSL modems act as NAT routers providing local addresses via DHCP when shipped.
  • Motorola 2247-62 ADSL modems do not respond to ICMP echo requests by default.
  • After a brownout, the Motorola 2247-62 may have its DSL light show as solid green but still lose sync. Powercycling will fix this.