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What is National Access?

National Access is an additional service which allows customers to connect to's National Points-of-Presence. Any dial-up location outside of California is considered a National POP and requires the National Access service to use. has strategically located POP's in over 1,100 cities across the US.

How much does the National Access service cost?

National Access is included with all access products including Dial-UP, DSL and Fusion.

How do I configure my computer for National Access?

To configure your computer for National Access you must enter your username in your dialer as:

It is important that be appended to the username for the service to authenticate you. Once you have made the username change you do not have to change it again. accepts this naming convention no matter where you dial from.

Where can I find information on what cities and states are covered by National Access?

Use the POP Finder located at and enter the phone number you will be calling from. The POP Finder will provide the best number to use from your location. Please remember that is not responsible for long distance charges and to check with your operator to guarantee the call you make is not a toll one.