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The Netgear DG814 is typically configured as a NAT router with PPPoE enabled. It is necessary to disable PPPoE for these devices to work properly with Fusion and ADSL1 connections.

Open in the web browser of your choice. You should be prompted for a username and password. The default username/password is admin/password. If the DG814 has the factory default settings and has not yet been configured, the Setup Wizard should launch automatically. Otherwise, the main menu of the Web Configuration Manager will appear.

Configuration Using the Setup Wizard

  1. When the Wizard launches, allow the gateway to automatically determine your connection type by selecting Yes in the menu below and clicking Next.
  2. The Setup Wizard will now check for a connection on the Internet port. If the Setup Wizard determines that there is no connection to the Internet port, you will be prompted to check the physical ADSL connection. When the connection is properly made, the gateway’s Internet LED should be on.
  3. Next, the Setup Wizard will attempt to determine the Multiplexing Method and VPI/VCI used on your line. Additionally, it will attempt to determine which of the following connection types your Internet service account uses:
Dynamic IP assignment
Fixed IP address assignment
A login protocol such as PPPoE
The Setup Wizard will report which connection type it has discovered, and it will then use the appropriate configuration menu for that connection type.

Manually Configuring Connection Information

  1. Click on the Basic Settings link on the left under Setup. You should be presented with a screen with the following options:
  2. Change "Does your Internet connection require a logon" to No. This should remove the Encapsulation and PPPoX Login sections.
  3. Most users should set the "Internet IP Address" to "Get Dynamically From ISP" and "Domain Name Server (DNS) Address" to "Get Automatically From ISP." Customers with a static IP address can enter this information manually.
  4. Under "ISP Parameters for Internet Access" set the MTU size as Default (1500). Multiplexing Method should be set to "LLC-Based". VPI should be set to 0 (unless customer is on old 8/35 circuit) and VCI should be set to 35.
  5. Click on the Apply button.
  6. If the main menu displays a Restart button, click it to re-initialize the modem, so that the new settings can take effect.