Netgear DG824M PPPoE

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By default the DG824M can be access by typing in the address field of a web browser. You should be prompted for a username/password. The default username/password is admin/password.

Configuration Using the Setup Wizard

Set Multiplexing Method to LLC based. VPI/VCI should be set to 0/35 (unless customer is on an old 8/35 circuit).

  • Click the Setup Wizard link on the upper left of the main menu.
  • Click the Yes button in the Setup Wizard, and click the Next button to let the Setup Wizard automatically detect what type of Internet connection your ISP has provided.
  • Click the Next button to let the Setup Wizard detect the type of connection.
  • Follow the steps in the subsequent screens of the Setup Wizard to input any extra Internet configuration parameters (such as IP address, gateway, DNS for static IP customers).

Manually Configuring Connection Information

You can manually configure your gateway after logging in by clicking on the Basic Settings menu on the left.

  • Set "Does Your Internet Connection Require A Login?" to "No."
  • Set "Internet IP Address" to "Get Dynamically From ISP."
  • Set "Domain Name Server (DNS) Address" to "Get Automatically From ISP."
  • Set "Gateway's MAC Address" to "User Default Address."
  • Click Apply to save the settings.