Netgear DM111P PPPoE

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The Netgear DM111P is typically configured as a NAT router with PPPoE enabled. It is necessary to disable PPPoE for these devices to work properly with Fusion and ADSL1.

1. The web interface can be access by typing the URL into a web browser's address box. A dialog box will be displayed prompting you for a user name and password. The default username/password is admin/password.
2. Click Setup Wizard in the main menu.
3. Select No and click on the Next button.
4. You will be presented with a configuration page. Set the fields to the following and then click Apply.
VPI: 0
VCI: 35
Protocol: RFC2684 (formerly 1483)
Multiplexing Method: Logical Link Control (LLC)
MTU Size: 1500
5. If the main menu displays a Restart button, click it to re-initialize the modem.