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What is Personal Hosting?

Personal Hosting is the bundling of several services into one package. We register a new domain name (e.g. " in your name, host DNS service and email for it, and associate your domain name with a website under your control. Personal Hosting also includes:

    • 2,500 megabytes of additional storage quota for web
    • 10 gigabytes additional transfer quota for web hosted web traffic
    • 4 additional mailbox-only accounts

Each of these is on top of your existing quotas and mailboxes provided by any other services you may have with

How can I enable Personal Hosting on my account?

Open in the web browser of your choice and select "Activate Personal Hosting."

What is Mini Hosting?

Mini Hosting is a term uses to describe the website at which is available at no charge to any account with Internet connectivity service (including DSL, Fusion, or Flexlink). Mini Hosting does not include any domain-name services or increases to your storage or transfer quotas.

How can I enable Mini Hosting on my account?

Open in the web browser of your choice and select "Activate Mini Hosting."

What is Wordpress?

Wordpress is free, open-source weblogging program. It is primarily used publishing news, journals, photos, and other information to the Internet. It is developed and maintained by a team of volunteers and professionals, with the assistance of a widespread community of blogging and programming enthusiasts. Read more about Wordpress in their own words.

What if I don't want to use Wordpress?

You are not obliged to use the Wordpress software. If you would rather develop and deploy your web content through some other means, you are welcome to do so. Please refer to the Web Publishing FAQ for more information on this subject. Enabling Personal Hosting or Mini Hosting on your account will not result in an actual website being created for you automatically without first enabling Wordpress or publishing through some other means.

How can I enable a Wordpress weblog on my account?

Open in the web browser of your choice and proceed from there. Currently there are two options available. "Activate Personal Hosting" allows you to register a new Internet domain name, which we will then install Wordpress into. "Activate Mini Hosting" can install Wordpress into a directory on your existing web hosting service (including the default hosting included with our various Internet Connectivity services).

How much does Personal Hosting cost?

Nothing for the first year! Provided that you have a connectivity account, you only have to pay for renewing your domain name once its first year expires. Wordpress can also be used with other Hosting services.

How many Personal Hosting services can I have?

One. If you have more than one connectivity account, you can activate them separately, one per account.

Can I use Personal Hosting for my existing domain?

No. Personal Hosting is only available for domain names registered through the Personal Hosting setup tool.

Can I customize my Wordpress installation?

You sure can. provides a palette of themes you can use to change the appearance of your blog, as well as a number of optional plug-ins that can change the behavior of your site. These are accessible under the Presentation and Plugins tabs of your Wordpress admin interface. More themes and plugins are available online free of charge, and you are welcome to create your own custom themes and plugins if you are so inclined.

You can upload any new themes of your choice to the wp-content/themes/ directory of your Wordpress blog. New plugins go in wp-content/plugins/. See also: Common Web application config files and Wordpress Security.

Can I modify the pre-installed themes?

Yes. There is a theme editor under the Presentation tab. Some knowledge of PHP, HTML, or CSS may be needed to achieve the desired results.

Can I modify the pre-installed plugins?

Yes. There is a plugin editor under the Plugins tab. Knowledge of PHP, HTML, or CSS will likely be needed to achieve the desired results.

Where can I get more information about Wordpress?

The Wordpress community maintains excellent documentation online at, including an active forum at If there is something you would like to do with Wordpress but cannot find your answer in the Codex, ask in the forum!