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MX Server Orthrus Error Codes

  • LRJ Your email address has been identified as sending spam or phishing messages to our customers. To request delisting, please send a message to
  • CHAx Your mail server's IP address or domain name is in our locally maintained blacklist. To request delisting, please send a message to
  • SHxxx Your mail server's IP address is listed in the respective spamhaus RBL.
  • HLx Your mail server is using a HELO/EHLO string that has been identified as bogus. Fix your mail server's configuration.
  • HLRx Your mail server is misconfigured and/or has other suspect behavior or a poor reputation. Review your mail server's configuration and consult tools like to identify other potential issues.
  • BLx Your mail server has been determined to have a poor reputation
  • DBL0 Your domain has been identified as a having a poor reputation
  • GL0 Your connections are being greylisted for suspicious behavior or poor reputation
  • GL1 Your connections are greylisted and you haven't waited long enough before resending the message
  • DNS0 Your mail server does not have matching forward and reverse DNS in compliance with rfc1912. This is a temporary failure message.
  • NOREPLY This is not really an error code - the message was sent in reply to a "noreply" address