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Router Setup FAQ

Do routers work with Sonic connections?

Yes. A variety of routers, ranging from SOHO models available at retail computer-goods stores to enterprise-grade routers created for heavy network use will function with Sonic broadband and dialup access.

What routers does Sonic provide technical support for?

Due to the broad variety of router capabilities, interfaces, and quirks, the Technical Support department is only able to provide limited, general assistance with router setup and operation. If your Sonic connection functions without the router present, this is generally an indication that there is either a physical or configuration problem with the router itself.

What settings do Sonic recommend for routers?

Due to the broad variety of router capabilities and connection services available,'s recommendations for router configuration are both broad and general:

Dynamic IP Connections

Many SOHO routers are pre-configured to take advantage of dynamic IP setups, acquiring all the settings they require via DHCP or PPPoE. It is important to note that no services use PPPoE for authentication nor network setup. Consult your router's documentation for instructions regarding how to configure your device to use DHCP without using PPPoE.

Static IP Connections

Most broadband connectivity services allow network settings discovery via DHCP, including services with static IP addresses. For most purposes, configuring your device to automatically discover its network settings via DHCP is recommended. If you need to statically-assigning your router's network information for any reason, you will need to know your IP address, Subnet Mask, and Gateway settings. For DSL connections, the Subnet Mask will always be, and your Gateway will be x.x.x.1 (where x.x.x are the first three octets of your public IP). This information is for the "public" or "WAN" address settings in your router. Please consult your device's documentation for more information.

Where can I get more help with my router? recommends first relying upon the documentation included with your device. If you have Internet connectivity, a visit to the manufacturer's online support offering may provide additional troubleshooting tips, firmware updates, or other resources that will assist you in your configuration.

Why can't I use DHCP after introducing a new router?

If your previous DHCP lease was not properly released, your IP address may be reserved on our DHCP server. This can be remedied by [/contactus.shtml contacting technical support] for a DHCP release on our end.