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How do I connect to my shell account?

For security reasons we will need to confirm your identify via telephone before enabling shell access. To do this please contact technical support. highly reccomends using SSH software in lieu of telnet whenever possible.

  • If you have a program called 'Telnet' or can download one and configure it then you can connect your usual way and just open telnet. When it asks you to log in, since you have already made your PPP connection, you need to login through telnet as your login name.
    HINT: don't use .ppp or .sh
  • If you don't have the program (telnet) then you need to dial into your shell account by using a modem dialer program. This is not Trumpet Winsock. This program will not let you use Netscape or any graphical program, it connects you to a shell, which is text-only. In this configuration, you will need to login using the .sh extension after your login name. You will be required to authenticate twice, once for the dialup gear your are connecting through, and again for the shell server itself.

How do I configure my software?

Windows users will want to use the Internet Setup Wizard for dialup. Other guides are available at our Windows Screenshots page. Macintosh user will want to use the Network Setting control panel in the system preferences to dial up. Other guides are available at our Mac Screenshots page.

How do I change my password?

There are two ways to change your password:

  • Use the password changing tool in our member tools area, linked to from the [/password/ Password] page.
  • Login to your [#gc1 shell] account.
    At the prompt, type: passwd
    The system will then ask you to enter a password and verify the new password.

Please remember, if you change your password, remember to go back into any software that has your password stored and change it there also.

What do I do if I forget my password?

We cannot look up passwords, so if you can't remember it, it will be necessary to call technical support (Contact Info). We will be happy to help you reset it.