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Should you experience a problem with your telephone service or data service, our technical support representatives will troubleshoot the issue with you and affect repairs as they are able. During this troubleshooting process, we will make a best effort to determine what, and where the problem is. If we are unable to resolve the issue remotely, we will dispatch an AT&T technician to address copper based issues in their network, or a Sonic technician to address Fiber issues or problems that occur with your in-home wiring.

How much does it cost?

As long as you’re renting Sonic equipment, and have engaged in troubleshooting with our technicians, wiring repair work is provided at no additional cost.

Troubleshooting is an important part of this process, as it allows us to better understand the nature of the issue. Certain technicians need to be dispatched to address specific issues; circumventing the troubleshooting process could result in delayed resolution, and service charges to defray operating costs for erroneous or unnecessary technician visits.

Technician visits where the problem is proven to be somewhere other than the physical infrastructure will incur charges. This includes dispatches to replace faulty filters or phone cables, moving the service between rooms or activating additional telephone jacks or change wireless settings. The fee for a technician appointment is $75 for the first half hour, and $25 for every half hour thereafter.

What does it cover?

The Wire Plan covers the physical network between the point of demarcation (also known as the Minimum Point of Entry, or the AT&T Phone Box) and the local serving station. This also covers the Residential Gateway, and at least one telephone jack. At our discretion, we will determine location and the manner by which repairs will be made. Surface mounting is the standard for replaced wiring and jacks. Important limitations and exclusions exist to this service: we will enact reasonable repairs to your home wiring, but this service does not cover repair of multiple jacks or complex inside wiring issues.

Sonic will make best efforts to repair one jack of our choice but does not guarantee service can be established. If we are unable to repair your service there is no obligation. Access to the premise and attendance of an authorized legal adult is necessary during a premise visit. Telephone jacks and networking equipment should be made accessible prior to a scheduled visit so that our technicians can perform necessary repairs. A failure to cancel the scheduled premise visit may result in a charge.

Excluded from coverage is defective wiring or jacks by reasons of: flood, earthquake, acts of war, fire, lightning, wind, or other causality requiring a substantial reconstruction of the premises. Also excluded from wire service coverage is defective wires or jacks by gross negligence, willful damage, or vandalism.

The home owner is responsible for repairs & modifications to the home beyond the scope of providing an internet connection, including (but not limited to) replacing / adding conduit, cutting, patching finished walls, floors, ceilings, structural modifications, et al.

The Sonic Wire plan does not cover moving service from one jack to another, activating additional telephone jacks, or any other non-maintenance, non-service impacting work. Additionally, it does not cover Wireless issues, third party devices, or any other equipment or maintenance work not associated with the stability or performance of your service.

We will take reasonable steps to ensure a single telephone jack (or point of interface, such as an Optical Network Terminal) is functional, and that the level of performance is within acceptable parameters given the medium and the limitations of that medium.

Am I responsible for the Optical Network Terminal (ONT)?

The Optical Network Terminal is considered Sonic property. If this device requires a replacement it will be the responsibility of Sonic to do so. If it is determined that the unit is damaged due to end user neglect or purposeful intent they will be subject to a charge.

What happens next?

After each repair or installation visit, the customer has the sole responsibility to re-establish connection or verify proper functioning of any telephone transmitting, dialing, or answering equipment connected to our wire service, such as automatic dialers, Televisions, DVR’s, printers, fire and burglar alarms, meters, sensors, gate controls and answering devices. It is also the customer’s sole responsibility to reprogram any telephone numbers or codes that have been affected as a result of the line or any equipment being disconnected during testing.