Spam Call Blocking

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Spam Call Blocking

In addition to our own hand maintained and reviewed list of telephone numbers we have partnered with Nomorobo to bring a stop to telemarketing and spam calls once and for all.

All Fusion Voice customers are subscribed to it by default and may opt out by disabling the option "Spam Call Blocking" in Voice Options Membertool. A blocked calling party will receive a standard "We're sorry, the number cannot be completed as dialed" error message.

If you choose to turn this feature off, Follow the steps below to disable Spam Call Blocking:

1. Sign in to Member Tools

2. Select 'voice' from the menu options on the left.

Call-forwarding - 1.PNG

3. Then, click on the number that you want to manage (this should bring up the options page for that number).

Call-forwading -2.PNG

4. Click 'settings' for that phone number.

Call-forwading - 3.PNG

5. Uncheck the 'Enable Spam Call Blocking Powered by Nomorobo' box.

Spam Call Blocking - 4.PNG

6. Click 'update' to save changes.

IPBB Call Rejection

To manage spam call blocking, head over to membertools, located at

From here, head down to voice, and select your telephone number from the list below. Next, head over the Call Manager option, and in the sub-header below, select 'screening'.

You should see a check-box with "Reject calls if they are from selected callers." Go ahead and check this. This enables your phone to refuse callers who are associated with the telephone number blacklist on your account.

To add a caller to this list, head down to the bottom left hand page of this dialog menu, and click on 'Edit List'. Next, add the number you wish to block, select "add new", and then press "OK". This number should now be blocked on your Fusion Voice line.

Number Selection


Voice Configuration Dashboard


Call Manager


Selective Call Rejection

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