Static LAN Settings (Windows XP)

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In Windows XP, you can access the settings for your Local Area Network (LAN) connection through the control panel. This document is intented as a reference for troubleshooting. This document reflects an alternate method for statically assigning an IP address, which is typically not necessary. For's recommended settings, please see our LAN Settings (DHCP) screenshots.

Note: if you use this alternate setup method while sharing a connection with systems that are using DHCP, networking problems may arise. Customer LANs should either be configured so all systems use DHCP, or none.

Getting to your LAN Settings

First, open your Start menu and click on "Control Panel."

Start-> Control Panel

Click on "Network & Internet Connections."

Go to Network & Internet Connections

Click on "Network Connections"

Go to Network Connections

Double-click on your Local Area Network connection.

Double-click your LAN Connection

You will be shown you current LAN Status. Provided that you system is connected to an active Ethernet device, this should indicate that your connection is enabled. Click on the button labeled "Properties" to review or change your LAN settings.

Your LAN Status

LAN Properties

Your general LAN Properties screen will show you the network device your system is connected to the network through. In this example, a 3Com Ethernet card is being used. To review or change your TCP/IP settings, select Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) and click on the button labeled "Properties."

Your LAN Properties

TCP/IP Properties

Your TCP/IP Properties window will allow you to specify vital network information such as your IP Address, Gateway Address, Subnet Mask, and DNS Server IP addresses.

TCP/IP Properties

TCP/IP IP Settings

Your IP Settings window displays your IP address, Subnet Mask, and Default Gateway. These settings are supplied to you during the DSL order confirmation process. If you do not know what your IP, Subnet, and Gateway should be, please [/contactus.shtml contact us].

General TCP/IP Properties

DNS Settings

DNS servers are used by your system to find other servers online. Make sure that both "" and "" appear under "DNS server addresses, in order of use." Optionally, enable "Append these DNS suffixes" and add ""

DNS Properties

WINS Settings

Your connection does not require WINS resolution.

WINS Properties

TCP/IP Options

By clicking the button labeled "Properties," you can change your default TCP/IP Filtering options. Excersize caution when changing these settings, as you may filter out legitimate traffic.

TCP/IP Options

Authentication Settings

It is unnecessary to enable IIEE 802.1x authentication on a DSL conneciton.

Authentication Settings

Advanced Settings

The default Internet Connection Firewall provides a modicum of network security for your Windows XP system. Be sure to keep your system updated with Windows Update.

Advanced Settings