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As of October 30, 2009, has a public-facing Tradewars 2002 server running at This is a stock Tradewars door as with the classic game, except it is accessed through SSH on port 22 and uses active username/password pairs for authentication.

ANSI Gaming

These games tend to lean heavily on old-timey ANSI graphics. To get ANSI graphics working well on a reasonably-modern terminal program isn't exactly what the folks that made them had in mind, so some tweaking is necessary for optimal old-timey doors gaming awesomeness:

Games Hosted

At the time of this writing, the following games are hosted on

TradeWars 2002

Trade Wars 2002 Game Server v1.03                          Copyright (C) 1998                                   Epic Interactive Strategy

that's just the server, which can juggle multiple games. The game itself is version 3.13 gold

In TradeWars, the player takes on the role of a sci-fi merchant, exploring space, settling new planets, and trading between space stations. As a multiplayer game, players compete for resources and can communicate or conflict with each other. TradeWars provides no explicit goal; players may seek to amass wealth, control territory, battle rivals, and accrue experience points.


  • Upon logging in, check for the location of Stardock by hitting 'v' at the command prompt. Stardock is where you can purchase upgrades like long-range scanners, genesis torpedoes to make new planets, trade in your ship for a different model, and several other options.
  • Be careful about attacking ports. They are rather likely to blow you up.
  • When you log out, your ship remains in play wherever you left it. If you have a positive alignment (you are not a criminal in the game), you can park safely in any sector labeled as "Fedspace." Fedspace includes sectors 1-10 and the Stardock.
  • By creating or joining a corporation, you can play cooperatively with other players.

Barren Realms Elite

Barren Realms Elite v0.988
Copyright (c) 1999 John Dailey
Written & Programmed by John Dailey

Multiplayer turn-based strategy game with a sci-fi theme. Players control planets that go to war with each other. Notable for allowing inter-BBS conflict. I don't know of's BRE server being in cahoots with any other servers.

Legend of the Red Dragon

Legend Of The Red Dragon

Compiled Apr 15, 2006: VERSION 4.07
(c) Copyright 2006: Metropolis, Inc.
Developed by: Michael Preslar

Unregistered (not winnable)

LORD is a text-based fantasy RPG in which you control an adventurer that goes off on quests to gather wealth and improve skills and equipment until finally slaying the Red Dragon.

Legend of the Red Dragon II

LORD II: New World V1.01

Like LORD, but with multiple cities you can travel to and explore.

Planets: The Exploration Of Space

Planets : The Exploration Of Space  V2.02
Developed by Michael Preslar
(C) Copyright 2001: Metropolis, Inc.

A space exploration and trading game made by the same person that made LORD and LORD II.

not registered


Usurper 0.20d,  Compiled 09/13/2004
(c) JAS Software 2004,  Dark Deception Series IV
[Registered Copy]

Swords & Sorcery RPG game, with the ultimate goal of getting to the lowest level of a monster-filled dungeon.