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One common symptom when your computer cannot connect via your DSL connection is a No-sync situation. This is when your DSL bridge does not detect your DSL circuit anymore, and cannot deliver your requests to the internet anymore.

Installation Date has not occurred

Check with the provisioning tool to make sure that the scheduled due date has passed. Nothing is more embarrassing than finding out you are trouble shooting DSL and the install date has not occurred.

Check your wiring

Make sure that your DSl bridge is plugged firmly into a non-filtered phone jack. If the wire appears to be damaged, replace it with a normal telephone cord.

Check your filters

All telephone devices other than your DSL bridge should be filtered in order for your DSL to function properly. To ensure that all of your filters are working properly, disconnect any telephones, fax machines, and modems from your DSL line. When your DSL bridge is the only telephone device on the line, turn it off, then back on again. If service is restored by following these steps, you may need to replace one or more of your filters.

Modem plugged into DSL filter

Plugging the modem into a filter, or the filtered side of a splitter filter is a common mistake in installation. Your best bet in troubleshooting is to always simplify the installation. Take everything out of the picture but the modem, the phone cable, and the jack. You may want to insure that the customer is not speaking to you on the phone plugged into the filter splitter, or into the Zoom phone port, before making any changes to the setup - as this could end your call before planned.

Powercycle your bridge

Turn off the power switch on your bridge, or unplug it, then wait several seconds before powering it back up. Wait 60 to 90 seconds for your bridge to attempt to re-establish its connection.

Check your dialtone

Though it is technically possible to have ADSL service without normal telephone service, the phone jack that your ADSL bridge is plugged into should behave normally when a telephone is plugged into it. Plug a normal telephone into the jack that your ADSL bridge uses and see if you can dial out. If you have no dialtone, there may be a physical problem with your phoneline.

Test at your MPOE

Something may have happened to your building's wiring. To make sure that your no-sync problem is not an internal wiring problem, unplug your DSL bridge and take it to the Minimum Point Of Entry (MPOE) of your building. This will normally be a grey Pacific Bell box on the outside of your house. At some locations, this will be located in a garage or closet. There will be a test jack there that you can plug your DSL bridge into. If the problem persists at the MPOE, contact technical support immediately so we can get your line fixed. We also recommend testing at your MPOE for dialtone problems.