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What is Web Hosting?

Basic Hosting and Value Hosting service allow you to have your web traffic for your domain name handled by our redundant array of load-balanced web servers. Once your site is built, and you have registered your domain name as listed above, this is the ultimate nicety for a professional site. Your site will be available as http://www.yourdomain.com. That's it! No tildes, slashes, etc. Just a clean, easy to remember address.

We charge $19.95 monthly for Basic Hosting or $9.95 monthly for Value Hosting. Please see our Hosting Services page to help determine which service is right for you.

If you would like to read more information about Domain Name registration, you can read the Domain FAQ.

How do I add Web Hosting service to my domain?

The Domain Tool form allows you to enable Basic Hosting or Value Hosting service for your Web site.

How much does Basic Hosting service cost?

We charge $19.95 monthly for this service.

How much does Value Hosting service cost?

We charge $9.95 monthly for this service.

How do I make custom error messages for my Sonic.net hosted site?

If you make a directory in your web space named errors and in that directory put the following files:

401.shtml Authentication Failed For .httaccess authentication fail messages
403.shtml Permission Denied For files or directories with restricted permissions.
404.shtml Document Not Found For a non-existent file or directory.
500.shtml Malformed Header For such problems as a CGI script not working.

For examples of how to make these pages like Sonic has, please see our Errors Examples page. To make the errors directory, you will need to use the appropriate command in your FTP program. Or, if you are familiar with your shell account, you can ssh to shell.sonic.net and change to your web directory, cd /home/WWW_pages/username and mkdir errors to create it. If you don't create your own error pages, then every time someone surfing your page hits an error page, Sonic will return a 404 Page Not Found message for that error message page. For this reason, you should include all of the error messages.

How do I publish my web page?

General instructions for publishing a web page with Sonic.net can be found in our Web Publishing FAQ.

What assistance is available to help me publish and maintain my web site?

Sonic.net technical support cannot provide telephone or email support for web design or CGI programming, but Sonic.net has a number of Web Resources available online, as well as Forums where many questions can be answered.