Westell 6100 PPPoE

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The Westell 6100 is typically configured as a NAT router with PPPoE enabled. It is necessary to disable PPPoE for these devices to work properly on Sonic.net Fusion and ADSL1 connections.

Note: This process will also disable the NAT router functionality of the 6100.

  1. Open in the browser of your choice.
  2. Click Home in the top menu to verify you are on the Home page.
  3. Press the Release button. (It is listed as Disconnect on older versions.)
  4. From the Configuration menu, select VC Configuration. (You may be required to enter a username and password)
  5. Click Edit for the row that has "PPPoE" in the Protocol column and "Enable" in the Status column.
  6. Select Bridge from the dropdown list for the Protocol field.
  7. Verify that the Mode field is also set to Bridge.
  8. Click "set VC".
  9. Click OK at the Set this Bridge VC Configuration prompt.
  10. A message displays to indicate the modem is resetting. When the modem is reset, you are returned to the Home page.
  11. Verify that the DHCP LAN server is turned off by selecting DHCP Configuration from the Configuration menu.
  12. Select Off from the drop-down list for the DHCP Server field.
  13. Select Save.
  14. Select OK at the Save and reconfigure DHCP prompt.
  15. Select Private LAN Configuration from the Configuration menu.
  16. Verify that Private LAN DHCP Server Enable is unchecked.
  17. Select Save.
  18. Close your browser window.