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This page has been deprecated. It may:
*Reference services that Sonic.net no longer offers
*Refer to hardware or software that are outdated or no longer available

The page has been left up for reference only.

Depending upon when it was distributed, a given Westell Wirespeed may be preconfigured to use a truck VP/VC of 0/35 or 8/35. When using such a device on a newer DSL circuit, it may be necessary to change this configuration using the Westell Management Utility.

  1. Download and install the Westell Management Utility. A program named "Westell ADSL Management" should appear in your programs folder.
  2. Load the Westell ADSL Management program.
  3. Click "Advanced"
  4. In the Configuration section of the following screen, click the button labeled "Configure..."
  5. On the following screen, use the following settings:
    • VPI (0-255) should be set to 0.
    • Mark the "Enable" checkbox next to the column with the following settings:
      • VPI 35
      • Peak Cell Rate 100
      • Class of Service UBR
    • Mark the checkbox labeled "Forward Broadcast."
    • Mark the checkbox labeled "Forward IP Multicast."

Westell Wirespeed VPI VCI settings

  1. Click the button labeled "Set" to finish. The Westell Wirespeed will take a moment to load its new settings, after which it should begin working.

Note: the Westell Management Utility is created by Westell Technologies. Sonic.net makes no guarantees regarding its use.


Westell Wirespeed


  • POWER: This is the Power light.
  • READY: This is the Sync light.
  • LINK: This is the LAN light.
  • ACTIVITY: This is the Transmit and the Receive activity indicator


  • Modem does respond to ATM channel pings.
  • Modem uses the inside two pins in the phone jack.
  • Modem is either set to trunk VP/VP 0/35 or 8/35, you must use a configuration tool to change the modem setting.