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Expected Speeds on Sonic Gigabit Fiber

Sonic Gigabit Fiber service is essentially a binary system - there is either a Gigabit of bandwidth (bandwidth = speed) delivered to your ONT (Fiber modem) or there is no connectivity at all. There are very rare occasions where less than a Gigabit of bandwidth is at the ONT - this indicates equipment failure that needs to be repaired or replaced. If you suspect this is the case with your service please reach out to Sonic Technical Support for assistance.

To utilize the full Gigabit of bandwidth delivered to your ONT you must have a device connected via Ethernet that is configured for and capable of Gigabit speeds. Detailed below are some real world examples of hardware and software configurations and the expected speeds for those configurations.


Connected via Ethernet

Ethernet is the recommended method of connecting your device to your Sonic Gigabit Fiber service to achieve maximum speed. If you are getting 100Mb/s on your Gigabit Fiber connection your device may be configured for Fast Ethernet as opposed to Gigabit.

Method of Connection Age of Device Expected Speeds
Ethernet Connector 2010 or newer 800Mb/s - 950Mb/s
Ethernet Connector Older than 2010 100Mb/s
USB2 to Ethernet Adapter* 2010 or newer Up to 400Mb/s
USB3 to Ethernet Adapter* 2014 or newer Up to 900Mb/s

Connected via WiFi

WiFi connectivity is ubiquitous and convenient, however the technology is not yet able to achieve true Gigabit speeds. Other factors that can affect WiFi speeds include the age of your device, the wireless protocol your device is utilizing, wireless interference, the distance your device is from the router, and whether you have a gigabit wireless adapter. Wireless connectivity is susceptible to a variety of external influences that may negatively impact speeds but you can mitigate many of them by troubleshooting. To troubleshoot WiFi consult our wireless troubleshooting guide.

Wireless Protocol Device Type Expected WiFi Speeds
802.11ac High end computer Up to 500Mb/s
802.11ac High end phone or tablet / computer 100Mb/s - 300Mb/s
802.11n Phone or tablet / budget computer Up to 100Mb/s
802.11a/b/g Devices manufactured before 2007 Up to 35Mb/s