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Windows Mail Setup

If you did not configure email as a part of the Internet Setup Wizard, you may need to configure Windows Mail manually to retrieve your email.

Open Windows Mail. First you will be prompted for your name. Uses spaces and capitalization as you please. Click "Next" to continue.

Enter your name

Now provide your email address. This will be your account name followed by "". Click "Next" to continue.

Enter your email address

Windows Mail needs to know which mail servers to get mail from and to send mail through. The incoming mail server is a POP3 server, and its name is "". The outgoing mail (SMTP) server is named "". Click "Next" to continue.

Provide mail servers

To retreive mail from, Windows Mail will need your Account Name & Password. Please note that your Account Name is always in lowercase for this purpose, and that your password is case-sensitive. Select "Remember Password" to prevent having to type your password every time you check for new mail. Click "Next" to continue.

Account Name & Password

Once all of the above information has been provided, Windows Mail is ready to be your mail client. You can start using it immediately. Click "Finish" to start using Windows Mail.

All done!

Windows Mail Settings


Getting to your Mail Account Settings

Mail Account settings can be located in Windows Mail by opening the Tools menu and selecting "Accounts."

Tools -> Accounts

Accounts Window

To view or change your Mail Account settings, select "" and click on the button labeled "Properties."

Select your mail account

General Properties

Your general settings include your name, your organization name (if any), and your reply email address. Here you can also select whether this account will be included in a general "send and receive" action.

General Account Properties

Server Properties

Your server settings include the incoming mail server name (, outgoing mail server name (, account name, and password.

Server Properties

By default, Windows Mail will use the same login name and password for outgoing mail as for incoming mail. You can change this by clicking the "Settings" button.

Connection Properties

You can specify a single connection for Windows Mail to use. This is not necessary.

Connection Properties

Security Properties

The default Security settings can be changed as you please. These options can be used for encryption and message signing.

Security Properties

Advanced Properties

The outgoing mail (SMTP) server operates on port 465. The incoming mail (POP3) server operates on port 995. recommends the use of secure connections. Here you can optionally leave messages on the server.

Advanced Properties