Windows Vista Dialup Setup

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Windows Vista Dialup Setup

Open the Start Menu and select "Connect to."

Start connectto large.jpg

Select the option to "Set up a connection or network."

Setup a connection large.jpg

Select "Set up a dial-up connection" and click "next."

Setup dialup large.jpg

Enter your local access number in the field labeled "Dial-up phone number." You can find your local access number using our POPfinder Tool online. Enter your user name in the box labeled "User name" and your password in the box labeled "Password." Once you have entered all that information, select the "Connect" button.

Isp info large.jpg

Windows will now attempt to use your new dialup connection before saving your work. If you would like to interrupt this process and save, click the button labeled "Skip" below.

Testing connection large.jpg

If you skipped the initial connection attempt, or your attempt to connect otherwise failed, you will be presented with three options:

  • Try Again. This will simply instruct your computer to re-try

the connection.

  • Diagnose the problem. If you did not intentionally interrupt

the connection attempt, this may be a good option. Dialup diagnostics are beyond the scope of this document.

  • Set up the connection anyway. If you intentionally skipped the

test connection, this is probably the option you were intending to use.

Test failed large.jpg

Once your connection has been sucessfully created, you will get the following screen. Select the "close" button.

Connection ready large.jpg

To connect to the internet, click the Start Button, select "Connect to," and then select the connection that you just created.

Getting to your Dialup Settings

Open the Start Menu and select "Control Panel."

Start control panel.jpg

Select the option "View network status and tasks."

View status.jpg

Select "Manage network connections."

Manage connections.jpg

Open your connection.

Network connections dialup.jpg

To review or change your dialup settings, click the button labeled "Properties."

Dial up box.jpg

General Dialup Properties

Alternate Numbers Listing

Under the General tab you can specify the number you computer dials to connect to recommends configuring alternate dialup numbers. Click the button labeled "Alternates" to configure this.

Connection properties.jpg

This screen will show you a listing of all dialup numbers your system knows how to connect to, in the order in which they will be used. In the event that the first number fails to connect, the second number will be dialed instead.

Alternate numbers.jpg

Click "add" to place another number on this list. There are multiple dialup points of presence available in most coverage areas. You can find a listing of access numbers in your area using the POP Finder.

Add alternate.jpg

Click the button labeled "OK" and the new phone number will be added to your list.

Network connections dialup.jpg

Click the button labeled "OK" to return to your General Dialup Properties.

Dialup Options

Under the Options tab, you can make primarily cosmetic changes to your sytem's behavior during dialup. Set the redial options as you please, as you should be able to connect to on your first attempt.


Dialup Security Settings

Under the Security tab, you can change how Windows handles your password and login scripting. Select "Typical (reccomended settings) and "Allow unsecured password." Leave all other checkboxes unmarked.


Networking Properties

Under the Networking tab, you should have "PPP: Windows 95/98/NT4/2000, Internet" selected as the type of dialup server you are calling. Select "Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) and click the button labeled "Properties" for more network settings.

Dialup networking.jpg

TCP/IP Settings

In the Internet Protocol Properties window, you should make certain that the IP address is being assigned automatically. You may wish to specify your DNS server addresses to use and, but this is entirely optional. Click the button labeled "Advanced..." for more information.

Dialup general.jpg

IP Settings

Under the IP Settings tab, select "Use default gateway on remote network," "Automatic metric" and "Use IP header compression."

Ip settings.jpg

DNS Settings

The default settings for the DNS settings should function in most cases, but you may wish to specify your DNS information.

Dns settings.jpg

The DNS server addresses are and You can optionally append the DNS suffix ""

WINS Settings

WINS resolution is unnecessary on a dialup connection.

Wins settings.jpg