Windows XP Alternate dialup Numbers

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Alternate Dialup Settings

Getting to your Dialup Settings

First, open your Start menu and select Control Panel.

Start -> Control Panel

Double-click "Network & Internet Connections."

Open Network & Internet Connections

Double-click on "Network Connections."

Open Network Connections

Open your connection.

Open your Connection

To review or change your dialup settings, click the button labeled "Properties."

Click Properties

General Dialup Properties

Under the General tab you can specify the number you computer dials to connect to From here you can also configure your modem. Click "Alternates" to add alternate dialup numbers.

General Dialup Properties

Alternate Numbers Listing

This screen will show you a listing of all dialup numbers your system knows how to connect to, in the order in which they will be used. In the event that the first number fails to connect, the second number will be dialed instead.

Alternate Numbers Listing

Click "add" to place another number on this list. There are multiple dialup points of presence available in most coverage areas. You can find a listing of access numbers in your area using the POP Finder

Add Alternate Number

Click the button labeled "OK" and the new phone number will be added to your list.

All done!

Click the button labeled "OK" to return to your General Dialup Properties.

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