Zoom X6 Wireless Connection (Windows XP)

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This guide will explain how to connect to your the wireless network provided by your Zoom X6 modem. All screenshots in this guide are taken with the Microsoft Windows XP operating system with Service Pack 2 installed. Please be aware that if you have a different version of this operating system, your interface may be different. If you haven't already installed your wireless network drivers, or are using different connection software, please consult the documentation that came with your wireless card.

Getting Wireless Network Information from Zoom Modem

Take a look at the bottom of your Zoom X6 Modem. In the bottom, right hand corner of your modem you will see two pieces of information: the SSID and WEP key. See the red arrows below to help locate these items. The SSID identifies your individual wireless network, while the WEP key allows to connect to the network and keep information encrypted for your security. We will need both to connect to the network.

SSID and WEP Key
Note: Your SSID and WEP Key will vary from the ones pictured here.

Setting up the Connection on your Computer

To begin setup, double-click on the wireless icon on the bottom right corner of your screen, as shown in the image below.

Open the Wireless Network Selector

This should bring up the Choose a wireless network connection window. Click on the icon for the network that matches the SSID printed on the bottom of your zoom modem. In this picture, the name is zoom0061, but yours may vary. Once the network is highlighted, click Connect button at the bottom of the window.

Select your Zoom's SSID

You should now have a Wireless Network Connection window that is asking for the Network Key. In the Network Key field, type in the 10-digit WEP Key that is found printed on the bottom of your Zoom Modem. Type the same key into the Confirm Network Key field and click the connect button.

Enter your Zoom's WEP Key

You should now be connected to your Zoom X6 and be able to surf the internet.